Custom Collage Canvas Prints

Relive your favourite moments with our Custom Collage Canvas Prints.

Travel, wedding, engagement, newborn, family, friends, special events or holiday photos all make great collage themes. They also make the perfect personalized gift!

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What's the deal?

Our standard product offering is "buy-one-get-one-free" so you will always get two canvasses of the same size per order with any images of your choice. View the Product Details page for a description of our product quality. When you order a collage canvas set, we will design a photo collage for each canvas. We will also throw in some basic photo editing if required.

Can I use pictures I've taken with my phone?

Absolutely, cellphone pictures have good enough quality to use for creating canvas collages.

Which size canvas is right for me?

Consider where you would like to hang your canvasses. Stand at a distance from the wall where you would typically be viewing the canvas from. Use the "Sizing chart" to help you decide what size canvas would look best for this space. Remember that we can make any custom size canvas  - it doesn't have to be one of the standard sizes.

How many pictures should I use?

When you view your wall from a distance, how big should each picture be? Use a standard 15 x 10 cm printed photo as reference. If you would like your collage pictures to be about the same size as a standard printed photo, refer to the examples below, i.e. for an A3 size canvas we would then recommend 8 - 10 pictures per canvas.

How do I send the pictures?

We recommend using WeTransfer as it's easy and free to use. Just add your files, your email and Email to:

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